International & Expat Storage Services Out of Boston & Across Massachusetts

When it comes to moving internationally, MacDonald Moving Services has years of experience making sure that you get settled into your new home. In addition to helping you move, we also offer quality international storage servics all across Massachusetts! While you will most likely fly out from Boston, we make sure that everyone in the state knows we can help if they are planning to pack up and head overseas. We have a wonderful 40,000 square foot storage warehouse and distribution center in Bridgewater MA that provides our customers with a secure, climate-controlled environment to store everything they could think of. Ranging from fine antiques to high value electronic equipment.

Affordable MA International Storage Options out of Boston

With our international storage services, MacDonald Moving Services can either ship a container with your belongings as you go to your new destination. We also can have your items stored at our storage facility here in Bridgewater, MA! We take pride in not only making sure you feel your items are protected but also at a cost you can afford. We understand that anything internationally, whether moving or storage, can get expensive which is why we want to have a solution that everyone can afford. You can compare our storage rates to see how we are accomodating to your international storage needs!

MacDonald Moving Services also makes sure that you understand how all of your belongings will be handled as they are being stored internationally. Whether you are having the container shipped or keeping some belongings here, take a tour of our facility.

No matter how long you are looking to have international storage for, please call us at 800-225-0394 to discuss the many storage options available to you!

Quality Expat Storage Services in Boston, MA

When it comes to international storage, MacDonald Moving Services stops at nothing to make sure all of your needs are met. Whether you are going overseas for residentially of for work we have you covered! Our expat storage services are the best in the industry as we take the time and attention to detail to ensure your items are safe while you're away.

What is Expat Storage?

An expat is an employee who works for a business in the United States and does a rotation, which could be up to 2-3 years, to work in a different country for their respected company.

How We Help

MacDonald Moving Services understands what and how a rotation for an expat employee can go which is why we want to make sure that each person has a piece of mind that their belongings are in good hands while away. Our expat storage services, also can be available as permenant storage, consists of packing your belongings, storing them in our climate controlled units so that way they are protected. This happens all throughout the duration of your stay overseas for your job. Are you in need of international or expat storage in Boston or throughout Massachusetts? Contact MacDonald Moving Services today for more information on our amazing rates!

Affordable MA household goods storage, short-term and long-term storage
Affordable MA household goods storage, short-term and long-term storage

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MA household goods storage, Greater Boston, Metro West MA, South Shore MA
MA household goods storage, Greater Boston, Metro West MA, South Shore MA