International Moves

Moving internationally is more complex than a move within the same country, however there's no real mystery involved. The key to managing all the details is control - from start to finish. MacDonald Moving Services exercises this control through "door-to-door" service, so our customers are freed of time-consuming responsibilities.

"Door-to-door" international moving services

"Door-to-door" service means that we will take the responsibility for your shipment from the time it leaves your old residence until it is unloaded at your new home. This service includes transportation by sea or air, depending on your particular requirements.

Regardless of how your goods are transported, we will monitor each step and keep you advised of the shipment's progress.

We will prepare the shipment for its journey by using techniques proven to provide the best protection. Your possessions will be securely loaded into a wooden or steel container appropriate to the shipment's size and type of transportation to be used.

Full range of international moving services

Included in the cost of "door-to-door" service is:

Except for specific duties, storage, or taxes at destination, the primary moving cost is known before departure. Your first step in an international relocation is the most important. Call us at 800-225-0394 and take the best step toward a successful international move!

MA based international movers, MacDonald Moving Services, Bridgewater MA
MA based international movers, MacDonald Moving Services, Bridgewater MA

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