Trade Show and Exhibit Moving & Storage Services

Although many carriers offer exhibit moving service, the real test is being able to deliver the same level of dependability - show after show, year after year.

And that's what we have been doing since 1959, and then some!

The professional movers at MacDonald Moving Services have decades of experience transporting trade show and exhibit materials to and from various venues throughout Massachusetts and the United States. What makes our services different from other carriers is that we do not only transport the items you need for your shows but we will also store them until you need them again with our quality trade show storage services.

With our professionally trained staff, specialized moving equipment, our full resources of the United Van Lines system, and our state-of-the-art storage facility, we are the qualified movers and storage facility of choice when transporting high value trade show displays and exhibits.

Expert trade show and exhibit moving / transport services

Key points that separate us from the competition:

Massachusetts Trade Show & Exhibit Storage Services

When it comes to having the best exhibit at a trade show, MacDonald Moving Services strives to help you to make that possible. Not only by making sure all of your belongings arrive to your tradeshow on time but also to store and protect these items when not in use. For businesses that have multiple trade shows they go to throughout a year know that the equipment needed for these events take up space in their office. We understand this want to make your day-to-day business life easier and to do that is to make sure there is no clutter in the office. With our trade show and exhibit storage services, you can keep all of your trade show items in once place that you know is safe.

What makes our tradeshow storage services so great is that we cater to all businesses and tradeshows in Boston and across the entire state of Massachusetts! Businesses looking to use our storage servcis for their tradeshows will have a peace of mind that theire belongings are in a safe place because we pay attention to detail and security. Our state-of-the-art storage facility is:

Contact us toll-free at 800-225-0394 to discuss the most dependable high-value trade show and exhibit transportation / moving and storage services in the industry.

Trade show and exhibit moving solutions, trade show and exhibit movers
Trade show and exhibit moving solutions, trade show and exhibit movers

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